Thursday, December 11, 2008

Taking the Day Off

I recently discovered that if I don't use my remaining personal hours, I'm going to lose them! I know many of you are saying "duh" but I thought I could carry my hours over. I have 19 Personal Hours left.

Sick hours (I have over 60) do carry over into next year as do vacation (I have 39). Who knows if I'm even going to be here next year but if I did get axed I do have some solace in learning that I would get a lump sum vacation payment of an amont equal to my unused vacation hours (which for me would work out to be slightly more than a week's pay).

With this in mind, I promptly put in my notice to take the day off tomorrow! Originally I thought I would spend my personal day at the mall scouting out Christmas presents until I soon realized there's not much at the mall I can buy right now. Instead I think I will clean up a bit and just relax with my cat and my remote control. Ahh...

And I'll still have 12 hours left after tomorrow's fun so maybe I will take next Friday off as well. Except that's the day of our Ghetto Christmas Party. Yes, in the time of Job Insecurity the higher-ups decided to cancel our Christmas Party - which wasn't even an extravagant affair - just a cooler of beer and potluck appetizers. A bunch of the older folks revolted and decided to throw their own (dry) Pizza lunch. It costs $5 - super lame. I can get half a friggen pie for $5!

Anyway, enough ranting. I'm gonna be in my pajamas all day tomorrow - sweet!


FB @ said...

I think we all need days off here and there. Sounds like a wise decision to me.

na0 said...

i prefer my 3-day weekend off from work. which don't happen often, but often enough!