Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Trip To The Grocery Store

A while back I posted that Boyfriend and I needed a grocery budget. Since then we have been trying to stick to a plan in terms of buying things on sale and in bulk to cut expenses. We also engage in meal planning which is fun and helps us avoid impulse buys at the grocery store. Typically I would say that, excluding beer which can be a real Budget Buster, we spend about $300 a month on groceries. Of that I try to kick in about $100 but I don't always. [Note: Boyfriend if you are reading this correct me if I'm wrong about these numbers because I know you are hooked on Quicken.]

Last night we headed out to the Grocery Store to engage in some big shopping since our fridge was running on empty and I am getting sick of pork chops [Note: one disadvantage to buying in bulk is if your money and food run out you will be eating the same thing every night.] We put into effect our pro-rata grocery contributions and here's how we did:

I bought:

Smart Food Popcorn Snack Pack (on sale) - $3.50
Iceberg Lettuce - $1.99
Gorgonzola Cheese - $3.49
Diet Pepsi Six Pack (2) @ $3.99 + deposit of $0.30
Store Brand Sausage - $3.68
1% Milk Half Gallon - $1.57
Dannon Yogurt Six Pack - $4.99
Grapes 4.18 lbs @ $1.99/lb = $8.32
1 Can Peeled Tomato - $1.79
2 cans tomato Sauce @ $1 each
1 can Crushed Pineapple - $0.99
Macintosh apples 2.46 lbs @ $1.69/lb = $4.16
Something I can't decipher on receipt (2) - $0.99 each
(non-grocery) Wrapping Paper - $0.99

Grand Total (less $5 off coupon) = $45.08 (under Budget!!!)

Boyfriend Bought:

1lb Russets Potatoes - $2.99
Lite Cream Cheese - $2.59
Pepperoni - $3.59
Rye Bread BOGO - $3.29 for two loaves
Pre-grated Low fat Mozzarella Cheese - $4.29
Pizza Dough - $1.79
Granny Smith Apples - 2.08 lbs @$1.29/lb = $2.68
Scallops (about 1.5 pounds) - $6.89
Root Beer - $0.88 plus $0.5 deposit
Chicken Breasts - $10.96
1 lb White American Cheese - $6.11
1/2 lb Honey Ham - $3.74
1/2 Hard Salami - $2.77
Tomata Sauce (2) - $1 each
Crackers - $3.39
Something I can't decipher - $1.00
Big Ass Turkey - $29.70

Grand Total (Less $5 off coupon) = $85.17

So did you notice that we got a Big Ass Turkey? Boyfriend really really wants to cook his own turkey. I didn't get to eat any turkey leftovers this Thanksgiving so I'm down with the plan. Besides the thing is frozen as a rock and can stay in our freezer forever, right? We're having company over on New Year's so maybe that's the way to go.

I consider this shopping mission a success because (not counting the turkey) we spent less than $100 and we have lots of yummy food to eat, including scallops which I've never cooked before. We have lunch meat to last well into next week (especially since Boyfriend is going out of town). And we have easy things I can make myself while he's away (read: chicken breasts). We also have my bottles of soda so I don't fall victim to the vending machine and yogurts so I start the morning off right.

Yay for food. So how do you think we did?


Anonymous said...

LOL! If you let the man go shopping its always is higher!

I hope the turkey taste great when it is cooked and I think you guys did great. Food is one place that I don't completely skip. Its my little bit of luxury. :)

Miss M said...

LOL Christine, you are so right. Shopping with Mr M means it takes twice as long and the bill will be 50% higher. Sallie - we spent $165 on groceries last week so you're doing pretty good.

Sallie's Niece said...

Yeah the way we split up the groceries made no rhyme or reason except that he knew I only had $50 to spend so we told the cashier to stop when the bill got to $50. It also let us use two "buy $40 worth of stuff, save $5" coupons so we were able to subsidize 1/3 of the giant turkey costs, ha. It would have been at least $16 higher if we didn't already have beer in the fridge.