Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Budget 10/01 - 10-14

Once upon a time there was a girl whose family was so preoccupied with her older sister's wedding that they completely forgot her sixteenth birthday. Nope, we're not talking about Molly Ringwald here. My Little Sister is turning Sweet Sixteen this weekend and I almost totally forgot about it!

Although it's definitely going to through a small wrench in my Extra Paycheck Debt Payoff Plan I need to travel home this weekend to celebrate this momentous occasion. Little Sister and I are very close - she's an amazing kid and I'm so happy to see her growing up into a admirable young woman. Yet blowing out the candles on special occasion means 1) a present and 2) bus fare - things not originally contemplated by my Extra Paycheck Debt Payoff Plan.

I'm such a moron, really. Why can't I think ahead and plan for things that are going to cost money? Ugh! Must resolve to improve on this front.

So here's my Budget for the next two weeks, which may or may not have to be altered due to a potential Out of Town Work Trip:

Starting Balance = 1135

Rent - 725
Utilities - 92 (including 40 towards the Payment Agreement)
Hobby Fee - 70
Travel - 80
Gift - 40
Boyfriend - 50
Groceries - 40
Misc. - 38

And that's how the cookie crumbles. The gift I have tentatively picked out may not cost $40 but I'm leaving myself a cushion there, albeit a small one. My hobby debt is finally paid off so I can begin participating again today (yay!). Boyfriend has been very patient with me but I want to pay him back ASAP. Utility debt getting smaller - will attack that after I pay off the Credit Card. I can usually count on my Dad to give me enough cash to cover one of my bus fares when I leave home but it's not guaranteed. Can't wait to get rid of all the Short Term Debt (which, looking back, was a really bad name choice) so I can start to focus on other debts.

In the meantime, what do sixteen year old girls like? I have a couple ideas but could use more.


Anonymous said...

i'd give her cool music that you like - when i was a kid, my brother was much older, and he brought home things i never would have picked out (p.j. harvey, bikini kill, fugazi, halo benders...), thus broadening my horizons over the pop stuff my friends all had and laying the base for eclectic taste later. plus, my "obscure" music made my friends think i was super awesome and grown-up like :)

Anonymous said...

oh, and mix tapes - actual tapes with music, or you can go the CD route - are personal and CHEAP.

asgreen said...

It's so hard to plan for everything. I find every month sometime comes up that I didn't plan for. I'm not too sure what sixteen year old girls like. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

i say anything Zac Efron. at least that's what my 26 y/o wife likes...haha...j/k, i have no idea. i'm a dude ;)

Sallie's Niece said...

Ha! That was her Xmas gift last year. She and I are anxiously awaiting High School Musical 3. I can admit I'm a Zac Efron fan as well. Swoon....

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she loves clothes. Here's a site that offers links to cheap yet fabulously fashionable outfits. Knock yourself out.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she'd love to do something with you for the day - what about shouting you both to manicures and lunch? Or buy her a bus ticket to come spend the weekend with you in the city?