Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Paid Off My Laptop!


Notice the sidebar update. I have just finished paying off my new laptop courtesy of Best Buy's 0% financing, which is still in effect.

There was a bunch of negative comments when I first made the purchase. And I admit, it's best to save up for big purchases, but sometimes life just throws a curve ball at you. I am working on building my emergency savings in addition to the wedding savings but really the 0% interest offer really helped out a lot.

Is this a lesson that credit can be used responsibly? I hope so. I'm just glad it's paid off so I can free up another $75 a month towards other goals.


Revanche said...

If you were in a position where you had to finance the purchase, at least you got the 0% interest offer. And then you paid it off well in advance, so I think that makes it all better. Or at least, you're in neutral, anyway.

So yes, credit can be used responsibly! Good job.

eemusings said...

Congrats! Of course paying cash is the holy grail, but 0% is the next best thing.

Dara said...

Great for you! Cash is best, but I am a huge fan of interest free financing IF you have the self control to pay it off and obviously you do. I think the key is committing yourself to pay a certain amount each month.

Angie said...

Congrats on paying it off on time. I suggest rolling that 75 a month into a snowball towards your loans so you can really get started on them. Sounds like you are already on very good track for wedding. I'd feel bad if now you en up just spending 75 more on crap a month. I mean you've already lived without that money for a year you should be used to it by now. Just a thought!

Jake from Debt Sucks said...

Funny thing is, back at the same time that you bought yours, I was begging for a new computer, and now I'm just about to hit my savings goal for it.