Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Budget 10/14 - 10/27

My friends are starting to turn 30! I guess this should come as no surprise as my own thirtieth is just around the corner. And, like the celebration of other milestones, this one comes with a price. Not that I mind SO's just one more thing to budget for.

So this weekend we are hitting the town with a friend. Renting a limo and going bar hopping. I'm excited to celebrate with my friend but I always regret leaving my night in the hands of other people. First, it's hard to control what you will spend when every move is dictated by others. Second, this group of friends loves to stay out late and I just can't party like I used to. Oh who am I kidding? I haven't been able to stay up late for about a decade.

I'm going to pay for my share and my fiance's share of the limo, about $85, and my fiance will pay for our drinks. I don't think there's a dinner involved (phew!) but I also want to get a small gift. So my total will come out to be $110.

And here's where the rest of my paycheck will be going over the next two weeks:

Starting Balance = $1246

Birthday - 110
Sallie Mae - 407
Defaulted Student Loan - 260
Nice Collection Agency - 125
Sprint - 73
Groceries - 75
Misc. - 193

Out of miscellaneous I may finally get a hair cut and buy some new pants. And to get wildly optimistic I may buy an early Christmas present.

Easy come, easy go. The good news is this will be the last paycheck before my raise kicks in!


Bromoney said...

I myself am 26 and creeping upwards. I find it helps not to think about landmark numbers. It's just another year :)

Shtinkykat said...

Oh to turn 30 again. *Sigh* Enjoy your outing. And the good thing about renting a limo is that if you poop out before your friends, you can excuse yourself and sleep in the back. LOL.

FinanciallySmart said...

To be thirty lol most persons see it as a milestone. I think that you should be the one to organize and keep the other members focus so that there will be no overspending. Sometimes we tends to overdo things and then when we wake the next morning we see what we have done. Just do it in a way that the fun is not lost. Have a good time.

Sidney Fritz said...

Great posst