Monday, August 31, 2009

Monthly Student Loan Debt Roundup

Woohoo August is almost over already and I am free of over $750 in student loan debt! Sure it may seem like a small amount when compared to the still astronomical amount I have left but I'll take it. I've created a Google spreadsheet that should hopefully make the chart more readable from now on.

At this rate I should have all of my loans paid off in 15 years. I am actually aiming to do it in ten. Thanks for reading. I can use all the encouragement I can get!


The Borrower said...

I can only admire you for this! And to stay so optimistic too, amazing to me. That is such a large load for someone just starting out, but I bet you conquer this in 10 years, because of your positive place. Good Luck!

ldub said...

i know it's super hard and feels like the longest slog ever to pay off student loans, but i swear, there's gonna be a day when you're like, "wait, i only have how much left? i rule! that's like nothing!" my husband was nervous telling me when i asked how much his loans totaled, but when he finally said it, it was almost laughable, since i felt like, having paid off almost all of mine, heck, his would be a snap :) great attitude, and great progress, miss sallie! keep up the excellent work.

negative_net_worth said...

You can do it!!!!