Monday, August 31, 2009

Laptop Almost Paid Off

Back in May I got my shiny new laptop courtesy of a Six Month no interest financing through Best Buy and I am happy to report that with 2.5 months left to go before the offer runs out, it is nearly paid off.

I added the remaining amount ($117) to a Short Term Debt ticker on the side of my blog (better late then ever!).

Just wanted to post this update because I got mixed opinions on the wisdom of financing the computer rather than saving up the money myself. And looking back, I would do the same thing again. Yes, generally I don't think it's wise to buy something you can't afford, but I needed a way to keep up with work and keep in contact with my traveling fiance. I could have paid off the entire amount before now (and could do so now) but that would detract from my Wedding Savings goals. So why not use the 0% interest card to my advantage?

As for how I am enjoying my partially owned computer? So far so good. It's a little heavier than I would like but then again I don't trust (and cannot afford) those light-as-a-feather versions. Also I don't ever take it out of the apartment, so I'm just talking about the weight on my lap, a minor inconvenience. I dislike Windows Vista but you get used to it after a while. I'm glad to have it though as wedding planning on the internet is a fun way to spend your summer nights when the fiance is away and there's nothing on t.v.


Berry Girl said...

I think using financing wisely is all good.Also having properly functioning computer is must these days.

TeacHer said...

I financed a new TV with a 0% deal through Best Buy and I also think it's a good idea if you trust yourself enough to pay it off before the deal is up. Like you, I didn't buy a new TV (laptop in your case) because I just wanted one, I actually needed it (my old one was broken). I've been making steady payments on the TV and will pay it off well before my deal expires. In this economy, I think it's a better idea than giving up a huge stack of cash just so that you won't have debt.