Monday, April 4, 2011

Net Worth March 2011

March is gone and I'm $1100 richer (less poor?). My current networth is -$106,073.

Here's the breakdown:

Cash: I'm keeping this the same because all of the cash I have right now is earmarked for debt payoff.

Retirement: My 457 account balance stands at $9,551. I have approximately $5459 in my pension (refundable until vested). And finally I have contributed $1000 in my Roth I.R.A. and for some reason that makes sense when my financial advisor explains it, it's only in a Money Market account now. This makes for a grand total of $16,010 saved for retirement.

Student Loans: These are at the LOWEST THEY'VE EVER BEEN at a whopping $120,793!

Credit Card: Not much progress yet as we're scrambling to pay off joint debts first.

My husband and I talked about our debt payoff progress some this week and we've decided to join accounts. I know this is definitely the right move but I'm still a little nervous to see how it's going to work out. We're a team now so we should act as one financially. I will probably continue to post "my" networth on the blog though just because I like to track it.

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