Wednesday, March 30, 2011

12 Charities in 2011 - March

So far this month I've donated to two charities - my alma mater (undergrad) because they were running a matching program where every donation made would be matched by some richer alums. Also we were competing for the most donations against a rival school. Note for charities - make donating fun. So far I think we're winning but the contest ends tomorrow. I gave them $25.

I also gave $25 to the American Cancer Society because someone near and dear to me is running in a Relay For Life. I think they're a very worthy organization, and as my family has been touched by cancer, I support their efforts to research and possibly find a cure one day.

And giving back feels good. :-)

I hope everyone else participating in the challenge found a great charity to support this month.


The Fire Finder said...

I also donate to the cancer society and I think that it is a great cause. Also, I like the fact that you are promoting charity. More of us need to do that. Thanks for the post.

Nd.chic said...

Great charity. I think that almost everybody has somebody has been affected by cancer.