Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where it Went 4/13 - 4/27

I was really bad and didn't even get around to posting a budget on the 13th for the past two weeks. But even still, I want to document how my money was spent just to stay accountable.

It's been pretty busy both at work and in wedding planning. My fiance and I got to take a quick trip out of town two weekends ago, which will probably be our last weekend truly alone before the wedding. It was fun. This past weekend I had my shower (yay for presents!) and the following weekends are chock full of many obligations to friends and family. The fun has just begun!

So here's a quick accounting of how I spent my last paycheck ($1261):

Credit Card - 160
Sallie Mae - 406
Defaulted Student Loan - 260
Sprint - 74
Healthcare - 85
Office Work Party tickets - 60
Misc. - 160

Stay tuned for more budgeting!


Cryn Johannsen said...
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Cryn Johannsen said...

I am delighted I found your blog, and am not sure why we haven't crossed paths yet.

About me: I am an advocate for people who are struggling or unable to pay off their student loans. I am also the Founder of Education Matters ( I have been in touch with the White House, have connections to Senators' offices, and policy analysts connected to the student lending crisis.

I have already added you to my blog roll, and am, again, glad to have found you.

Keep up the good work! I will also tweet about your posts. Many of my readers will be glad to know about you.