Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Budget 1/06 - 1/19

My birthday is coming up! Good golly I'm turning 30. And somehow my paycheck today managed to be $5 less than it usually is. But no more! I am adjusting my withholding in anticipation of my 2010 marriage. This has got to be the trickiest thing we have ever tried to figure out but I think (crosses fingers) that my paycheck will get bigger!

So very briefly, here's a rough budget for the next two weeks. I have a couple of annoying expenses that are coming up (professional fee!) and holiday spending that I will have to account for.

Starting Balance = $1275

Credit Card - 100
Groceries - 75
Sallie Mae - 407
Defaulted Student Loan - 260
Nice Collection Agency - 125
Sprint - 73
Misc. - 236*

*Some of this I hope to roll over to the next pay period to help pay for a professional fee.


Stephanie said...

Why are you adjusting your withholding? Shouldn't you each still have one exemption? Or is your fiance not working/still in school?

Sallie's Niece said...

My fiance is working but somehow every withholding calculator we've tried says to add more exemptions. Not really sure why (stay tuned I hope for answers). Right now I claim two exemptions and will be getting a small refund already. If I can claim more my paychecks will be bigger. Want to make sure we don't get hit with any taxes though.

The Fiance said...

She's not actually claiming more exemptions, instead it's just changing the W-4 to be married--which by itself results in a nice tax decrease.

Morning Noon Evening said...

Happy early birthday! I just turned 30 last week... it's not so bad once you get used to the number shock!

WellHeeled said...

Happy birthday!! :) What are you doing to celebrate?