Sunday, November 8, 2009

Monthly Student Loan Debt Roundup!

I planned to publish my monthly student loan debt roundup on Halloween, complete with a scary pumpkin and something about how "spooky" it all was. Alas Halloween brought wedding dress shopping, partying and packing for our flight to Vegas and it never got done.

So here it is 8 days late, but the totals are from today, meaning miraculously more debt looks like it's been "paid off" since the lenders have yet to compute this month's interest. Frankly the math of it confuses me every month but as long as the totals continue to go done a bit each month I am satisfied (for now).

One of my 2009 goals was to eliminate the smallest loan, which is also the one with the highest interest, but even though I increased the payment I haven't been able to meet this goal and save for the wedding. I think I am going to start sending my recent raise towards this loan from now on. Stay tuned for next month's update which hopefully will be on time!

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Shtinkykat said...

You're making over $1k/month dent in the student loans. That's more than I can say for myself. Awesome job, Sallie!