Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where it Went 5/13 - 5/26

Before I explain how I did on my budget the past two weeks, I want to talk about the $10 I didn't spend but should have. We returned from our Disney vacation after enduring several days of rain and one sunny which I was too cheap to pony up for sunscreen that I didn't remember to bring. And oh man am I in pain now.

I would love to write more about our trip (and will) but I'm swamped at work and cringing in pain right now. There's really no excuse for me to have been SO stupid. I used to be a certified life guard for Pete's Sake! And yet one day at the water park (fun) has led to three days of agony (and counting). Last night was spent furiously spraying vinegar on my burns and other home remedies such as milk and mustard (yes mustard). I have aloe but it stings too much. Readers please please wear sunscreen whenever you will be in the sun. And this concludes my public service message.

Now onto the budget:

Aunt Sallie Mae - 406/406.96
Defaulted Student Loan - 260/260
Nice Collection Agency - 125/125
Perkins Loan - 93/0
School Loan - 54/0
Sprint - 64/0
Misc./Disney - 111/140
Clothes - 0/151
New cell phone - 0/54

I've been meaning to own up to this for some time but you may have noticed I've been buying some new clothes lately and this certaintly is not typical. Unfortunately the past few months I have been putting on some weight and I don't fit into half of my old clothes. That and the need to update my work wardrobe has added a new line in my that sucks. I've been trying not to dwell on this for a while now but it's not really going away. :-( More on this subject (and my plan to combat it) later I promise.
I didn't pay my other student loans yet as I'm still one payment ahead thanks to April's extra paycheck (and unlike Aunt Sallie's loans, these don't accrue interest daily).

I got a sweet new cell phone thanks to renewing my contract with Sprint. That's all for now but look forward to some good news and a new budget in a later post.


Jennifer said...

Noxema. You know, the cream stuff in the big blue jar? I don't use it for my face, but it's fantastic on sunburns. I don't use aloe because it feels like it's trapping in the heat. Noxema feels so cool and soothing going on a sunburn. I don't remember who told me about it originally, but I want to kiss their feet every time I get burnt.

Jim ~ said...

I'm very pale and go from white to burned in minutes. Most of the time I use stuff designed for children because it's so strong. I even have to use a spray with SPF in it to keep my scalp from burning. For many summers growing up I worked outside so I know how it is to be seriously burned. Glad you enjoyed the vacation though.

Regarding having to add a budget line for new clothes, I wouldn't stress too much over that. That is one of the top priorities we tend to forget sometimes. Please don't drag your fiancĂ© shopping and ask, "Does this make me look fat?" because that question is a man trap. My wife has a hard time finding pants being short and everything out there is for taller women. Meanwhile I’m always looking at aftermath and evaluating the receipts.