Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Budget 07/09 - 07/22

I feel like I've been waiting for this day for so long, the first paycheck not devoted towards Payday loans where I could finally tell my money where to go. And maybe even have some left over so I don't feel broke all the time. But, alas, maybe next time, as I still have the matter of paying back Boyfriend to attend to. So here's my budget:

Starting Balance = 1226

Good old Aunt Sallie - 406
Job Expense - 65 (included in last budget but still has not cleared, sigh)
Transfer to Other Checking Account - 200
Lab fees from my physical - 12
Nice Collection Agency - 125
Boyfriend Debt Payoff - 300

Left over for ME = 118. Actually it's a little more, let me explain.

So a while back I explained how my Dad will occasionally deposit money into another bank account that I have. It's nice definitely, but it made me not exactly mindful of what was going on in that account. Lo and behold, the balance has plumetted to NEGATIVE $119!!! Yup, I was smacked with the Evil Overdraft Monster. I've known about this for the past couple of days and was struggling to find a way to prevent it from happening but there was no money falling out of the sky so alas, I'm dealing with it now. But I have made sure it won't happen again - I QUIT THE GYM. It was a little depressing to go into the gym and fill out the paperwork but when you don't have money in your account, the $46 a month gym membership costs you.....$78!! I do like the gym and when I'm in the swing of things I go to an abs class a few times a week on my lunch break. But seeing that negative balance and knowing that this is not the first time this has happened prompted me to action.

So, anyway, pardon my long explanation, but I will have an additional $80 in that account that I can spend if need be. It does look like I'm going to have to hold off on buying my Sister's wedding gift until the next pay period. Sigh.

I am very excited to report that tomororw when he gets home from traveling, Boyfriend will be $300 richer (and I'll be $300 poorer)!! I'm happy that I'm finally able to pay off this debt to him. He has been really understanding about it this whole time but still I felt like a loser. I can't wait to update my sidebar!!


Jim ~ said...

Nice budget. Why do you feel that your BF will have $300 more and you'll have $300 less? I would call that even because you don't owe him anymore. I'm dumping a gym membership too because it's not worth keeping and I'd rather get a home unit to put in my basement instead.

Savings not Shoes said...

When I'm home in the States and thus don't have a gym membership, I do 1-week and guest passes at different gyms in the area. It takes a bit of finesse and sometimes you have to take a tour, but it's worth not having the ball and chain of a monthly membership. Congrats for being done with evil payday and lovely boyfriend loans!!

undercover vixen said...

i'm not quite sure i followed that post. Do you use the debit card for that account your dad deposits to? how did it get overdrafted?

Sallie's Niece said...

My gym membership was linked to that account and I forgot to put the money in it on time.