Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where it Went 2/03 - 2/16

Payday! My two (and sometimes three!) favorite days of the month.

I may have some exciting news soon -or rather I do have news but I don't know how exciting it is yet - about bringing in some extra money next month. Stay tuned!

And now, where my money has gone for the past two weeks. A bit of a mea culpa here is that not buying groceries during this entire budgeting period - working late, snow, etc., has left both my fiance and I spending too much money on lunch at work.

Bad bad! I thought I had learned my lesson to brown bag it. Must try harder.

So here's how I did:

Wedding Savings - 500/500
Credit Card - 125/125
Sallie Mae - 407/407
Defaulted Student Loan - 260/260
Nice Collection Agency - 125/125
Groceries - 75/0
Sprint - 78/0*
Health - 60/40
Misc. - 110/220

*I just paid this today so I will include this amount in the next budgeting period.

So yes my spending wasn't awesome but because of my federal tax refund I was able to give a nice boost to the wedding savings account. Just as a preview, my fiance and I have decided that after the wedding I will continue to save money in this account as general savings for us - to help grow our emergency fund, save for our next car, house, etc.


ldub said...

that's what my husband and i did - "wedding savings" became "life savings" after getting married. now that account pays for insurance premiums, etc.

wondered: will you be replacing your short term debt bars with long-term debt bars sometime? i know it's satisfying to see all of those "paid in full" lines, but it would be cool to see your current progress as you move along!

Sallie's Niece said...

That's a good question. I should definitely add my smallest student loan since that's the one I am currently attacking. But the rest of them the "progress bar" wouldn't move for so long I'm afraid it would be discouraging. I'll have to think about my next step.