Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where it Went 1/20 - 2/02

I got my federal tax refund yesterday, yay! $495 to add to the wedding account. Did I mention I was looking forward to the wedding..... being over with?

And in the meantime, here is how I did on my budget for the past two weeks:

Wedding Savings - 400/400
Attorney Registration - 350/350
Credit Card - 174/174
Perkins Loan - 95/95
Law School Loan - 55/55
Groceries - 100/90
Valentine's Day - 50/50
Health Co-pays - 40/40
Misc. - 111/150

Included in the miscellaneous spending is $50 in birthday money my parents sent me.

Paying for the bar registration dues is annoying. I guess I'll have to remember them two years ago so I can better prepare.

Luckily most of Valentine's Day has already been paid for thanks to me finding a good deal.


Daizy said...

Ooo new clothes. I haven't been shopping in a while. At this point even new underwear would make me happy. Maybe when the mortgage is gone I'll go clothes shopping again.

Chitown said...

Wow...your bar registration fee is much higher than mine. I am just a third year (2007) but my annual fee was just $105.

Sallie's Niece said...

Luckily it's biannual but yeah it still stinks. :-(