Monday, September 28, 2009

My Fitness Splurge: Balance Ball Chair

As I posted last, I've been on a mission to shed some pounds for the wedding and just be in better shape over all. It's a new mission but I've already seen some progress and I feel great. (Okay the whole drinking 8 glasses of water a day thing isn't awesome, but I digress.)

And like all new endeavors this one has presented me with temptation to spend money. Sure you don't need to spend any money to lose weight. I could run up and down the street with two cans of Campbell's Soup in my hands if I wanted to, but I find that signing up for gym classes keeps me motivated. Also Spark People is awesome, check it out if you need some motivation and advice for free!

But I ended up treating myself to a bit of a splurge that I already think was worth the investment. For $78 (plus free shipping!) I got a Balance Ball Chair for my desk at work. I saw this on a website months ago and was intrigued. You know those inflatable exercise balls that are all the rage? Well imagine sitting on one all day. I just started using it today and I love it! I may have started a trend at my office. Sure you feel a little silly sitting on a bouncy ball (in a frame) but it forces you to sit up straight, strengthening your back and core muscles. Note: there is more impressive terminology elsewhere on the web, I'm a fitness newb. Anyone else out there try this chair?

So yes, it does seem like a gimmicky thing to spend money on but I can do exercises at my desk when I'm not working and hopefully it will also help with my posture.

Has anyone else noticed how the more activities you do, the more stuff you want? Next up will be new workout clothes when I lose a few more pounds.


chacha said...

Just make sure you spend some time each day stretching your hip flexors. I have heard some having some back issues because the hip flexors tight from holding the balance ball position for extended periods of time. Low lunges will stretch that area out.

I'm a Google Reader of your blog, btw, not totally random - just haven't commented before (I don't think. I can't remember).

paisley penguin said...

Just bought the BEST yoga pants from old navy. I practically live in them. Oh yeah - I do Yoga too!

ldub said...

yeah, i found that having good workout clothes (not expensive, mind you, but comfortable and flattering to some extent, totally functional, and, in the case of a sports bra, top quality)made me far more inclined to work out and take care of myself. i think that's a very worthwhile investment. unless you take up running, don't worry about high quality shoes for now, just good enough to not be (like i was) working out in Chuck Taylors... people look at you funny(ier) at the gym.

Annabelle said...

Ya, I found that having an ergonomic chair at work really affected my posture and made me look slimmer because I'm standing up straighter. For one thing, the chairs can be expensive, unless you go to a store like or But its a slimming tool and it helped my back big time.