Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Missing my Engagement Ring

Hey check out my new engagement ring. It cost me $9 at the mall. I guess I didn't really need it but I had talked about getting a fake engagement ring for when we travel abroad so now I have one to act as a place holder for while my ring is in the repair shop. Yup my real engagement ring is in the shop.

It started out a uneventful day at the mall where my fiance and I had planned to use free movie tickets to see a show. On the way there I figured we should take a gander at the wedding rings at one of the jewelery shops. The saleslady was nice and let us try on a bunch of rings even though we told her we were just browsing. She complimented my ring and offered to clean it for me for free. Then she put it under the microscope and realized the stone (i.e. the heirloom diamond) was loose. My fiance could see it shifting around as she poked it without even looking under the microscope.

So we are having the setting fixed, tightened, whatever they do in such a circumstance. We couldn't go back to where he bought the ring (out of state) so we let the chain store at the mall send it away for us. I almost had a panic attack when I saw my ring go into a little paper envelope. I guess I never knew how much I loved the ring until it wasn't on my finger anymore.

The good news (and I'm sure I'll appreciate this when the ring has been safely returned to me) is that the repair is only going to cost $25 and then it comes with a lifetime warranty (meaning they will fix the setting for me indefinitely).

In the meantime the search remains for the ring wedding ring to go with my engagement ring. We will probably return to the store when he bought it because I can't seem to find anything that matches my ring quite right. I have been looking at the chain jewelry stores online mostly (though we are going to pick it out in person). Our budget for my ring is about $800. This ring at Kay's looks almost exactly like what I want, except it must look really different in person because I've never seen something like that for $500 on any of browsing sessions.

But back to the engagement ring (which should be here in a little over a week now), the woman at the jewelry store suggested I have the ring taken in every six months to have it cleaned and the setting checked. Is this something I should have known about? Do you take your ring into the store and if so, how often?


negative_net_worth said...

I was told at least once a year for mine. It probably also depends on what metal your ring is made of. Mine usually costs $50 to re-dip it in rhodium (not sure if that's spelled right!) and I've been putting it off since the store I bought it from is now closed. If you have insurance on your ring, sometimes the policy will require you to have it checked at regular intervals. I know what you mean about missing your ring...I had mine redipped right before my wedding since everyone was going to be staring at my hand and I felt naked!!

ldub said...

my store is a family shop and they said they wanna see it 3 or more times a year...

Anonymous said...

In order for the warranty on my e-ring to be valid, I have to take it to the shop every 6 months. They even provide a "warranty card" that I keep in my wallet.

Anonymous said...

I was told to get it inspected every 6 months... but then the store we bought it from went out of business. (Is that going around, negative_net_worth?)

I poke the diamonds every few months to make sure they're not loose. O:) It really needs a rhodium coating though - bad husband for buying a high-maintenance ring! He's a bit upset about it, too. We've been married two years and the rings look awful! Be sure to ask about maintenance requirements before you buy your wedding band.

sammi said...

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