Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello From Limboland

There have been some great things happening financially for us.  My husband has seen a salary increase of over $40,000 in the past three years.  I'm immensely proud of him, of course, even if my salary has been stagnant.

We have also been faced with the prospect of relocating for the past four months or so but have no idea how serious we should be taking the idea.  It would mean leaving my job and moving to a high cost of living area.  Part of it sound great but other parts freak me out.  I'm not sure if I even found a job in the new location if I would make enough money to be able to afford daycare.

Which brings us to this: we're still not pregnant.  We've been trying for so long and have been undergoing fertility treatments for the past five months now with no luck.  We are very grateful that our insurance has covered most of our treatment but the medication and the copayments have added up.  I just can't wait to be done with this chapter of my life but I will keep going until I have my baby.

My second niece/nephew is due in a few weeks.  It's hard to deal with my mixed emotions on this subject.  I hope to have a better update soon.


saro said...


The book, 'Take Charge of Your Fertility' really helped me. Good luck to you. Been there and feel your pain.

Karin said...

Do you read "Always the Planner"? Another great financial blog and she is going through similar things and just started blogging a little bit about it. Might be nice for the two of you to connect? Or not. Just a thought -- her blog is a great read no matter what.

Good luck and stay strong.

Ellen K. said...

Hi! A friend told me about your blog. I experienced infertility and blogged about it from 2006 to last year (my URL is linked). There is a recommended reading list on my sidebar, and my contact info is in the About page. I'm a parent of nearly 4-year-old twin girls conceived on our first IVF/ICSI cycle after 4 years of TTC. "Limboland" is certainly the right word! It was a very frustrating and sad time -- and financially stressful, as we had to pay out of pocket for IVF, and I was so anxious about IF that I quit my full-time, high-stress job. Everything worked out in the end; it does for most people, but the getting-there process is rough. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog via Always The Planner. Strange, I have read both of your blogs over the years but never commented regularly or often. Infertility is a hard topic but one that definitely impacts finances even if that seems to be a small concern when you're in the middle of treatments. My husband and I struggled for 4 long years and everyone else's pregnancy was tough. I once left work crying when my younger sister joyfully announced her pregnancy. Just want to say best of luck to you.