Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where it Went 3/02 - 3/15

I narrowly avoided my old nemesis, the Evil Overdraft Monster this pay period. All because I forgot I had to go to the eye doctor. Oh and I bought concert tickets, but since the latter was put on a credit card I just now paid them off (will be accounted for in the next budget).

In short, I blew my budget, but I needed an eye exam because of all the problems I've been having and while my insurance pays for all the opthamologists I've been visiting, opthamologists know nothing about contacts and can't give me a prescription for them. And, as I've explained before, while contact prescriptions are only valid for one year, most insurance companies (including mine) only pay for a complete eye exam every two years.

Today, I get to spend even more money ordering new contacts online. I opted not to order them from Walmart where I had my exam because I found the same brand for much cheaper at

Anyway, long explanation over. Here are the dirty details.


Joint account - 400/400
Defaulted Student Loan - 260/260
Credit Card - 200/100
Groceries - 75/82
Health - 60/50
Gym - 33/33
Charity - 20/25
Misc. - 185/170
Concert Tickets - 0/200
Eye Doctor - 0/92

Which means I need to account for $117 in the next pay period so everything resets itself perfectly. Boo.

I am, however, very excited to be able to see again...especially with all the concerts and fun stuff we have planned for the warmer months.


The Fire Finder said...

Nice Post. What concert tickets did you get? I was just wondering.

Anyways, I would say that you had to get the eye exam and no worries about that. Some months you win and some months you lose.

ND Chic'c Cents said...

If you only get one eye exam every two years, you could wait until your presciption is almost done and order contacts for the next year. I've done that so I haven't had to pay for the somewhat unnecessary contact exam.

MyATM said...

Yeah your eyes are important. So you have to give it the utmost care possible. Great Blog! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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