Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Net Worth November 2010

Now that November has come to an end, I am happy to announce I am worth $1228 more this month according to Networth IQ. That's pretty excellent, even though it only represents an increase of 1.09% from my October 2010 report.

My net worth is -$111,254!

Here's the breakdown details:

Cash: This has stayed the same. My husband is the one who manages the cash savings so this category won't be going anywhere for a while.

Retirement: My 457 account balance stands at $8164, which is lower than last month oddly enough, though the account isn't showing any losses for this period. Strange. Maybe I wrote down the wrong number last month. I have approximately $4835 in my pension (refundable until vested). And finally I have $1000 in my Roth I.R.A., or at least I hope I do since I sent in $500 more last month but I am waiting to see my first statement. This makes for a grand total of $13,899 saved for retirement.

Student Loans: These are at the LOWEST THEY'VE EVER BEEN at a whopping $123,863.

Credit Card: Still waiting to pay this off. It will happen soon.

So bring on December!

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