Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Wedding Plans

Finally I have a free moment in which to write about our upcoming wedding plans. We have set a date with the church two weeks ago and as of a couple of hours ago our reception venue's deposit has been paid! It's too late to back out now, we're actually getting married! :-)

The wedding is next July, you read that right, 2010. Sometimes it seems like way too far away and sometimes it seems like it is already sneaking up on me. Why July 2010? Several reasons really:
  1. It gives my parents some time between my sister's wedding last summer to save up for yet another wedding. It also gives my fiance and I some time to save up for the things we'll be paying for.

  2. My work schedule and several of the people in our lives are much more flexible in the summer.

  3. Because being engaged for one year is too short and two years is too long. A year and a half is just right.

  4. We like summer weddings!

Anyway it should be one excellent wedding. And I know in the past I've droned on and on about how weddings were a waste of money and selfish on the part of the couple but I take most it it back now - I'm a giant hypocrite and I'm excited for our wedding. We are going to make a conscious effort to make sure the guests have a good time too which includes 1) providing excellent food and 2) holding the wedding in a resort town in the sumer so that guests can go on a mini-vacation if they so desire.

Next week we're also meeting with a photographer. This process has been tougher than picking a groom, I swear! Wedding photography is all so beautiful and it's really an aesthetic as well as financial choice.

That's all for now. I'm looking forward to going through this exciting process with my groom-to-be!


paisley penguin said...

Good luck. I had a little more than a year to plan mine and it went by way to fast! Can' wait to see photos!

ldub said...

planning a wedding now, i want to share that the best thing i learned was to put at the top of the RSVP cards, "we have reserved___ space(s) for you, _________________________." write in the number of seats and the names of the guests. that way, you don't get guests inviting their own dates if you didn't plan on a plus one, and you know who sent the card. can you believe some people don't write in their names? then you have no idea who just replied for two of the steak! :)

have fun with planning, don't get too edgy, and remember not to stress yourself out by thinking that your finacee "doesn't care" about some little decision. stop to ask if YOU really care or were just hoping he'd give you a definitive answer because you didn't care that much about, say, napkin colors in the first place. that action stopped any potential bickering in its tracks for us! now we're just easy-breezy and having fun. it's the biggest party we'll ever plan - and it's for US!

Jim ~ said...

My wife and I were engaged just as we approached college graduation and married the following year in June. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up here in a month. Time goes by even faster after you're married, you just notice it more right now because of the countdown.

In the meantime, if you have plenty of time to plan this thing out. If you have your date set I highly suggest doing 'save the date' cards, we made magnets. Regarding his involvement in the planning, he probably won't care about most of the small decisions. You both should agree on the invitations/who you invite, the cake, the venues/location, and honeymoon of course (unless you receive one as a gift). You have plenty of time to get it all done.

Sallie's Niece said...

Thanks for the advice Jim and happy anniversary! We are definitely going to send Save the Dates as most guests will be traveling to the wedding. I like the magnet idea. My fiance is pretty excited about little details, he's just not as into it as me. :-)

c.c. said...

Wow. It must be so exciting. I know a couple friends who are getting married this or next year and just listening to all the details sound so exciting (and stressful).

kennady said...

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